Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Cars

So, for those of you who haven't seen the majestic beauties that are currently residing in my driveway, here they are. The red one is the parts car, the blue one is intended to be the runner:

Notice the formidible brickwork serving in lieu of non-functioning emergency brakes. There's only so much that you get for your $200. The blue one isn't too bad on the inside, although we will be gutting most of the amenities (such as they are) to run it in the race:

Although we will be leaving this in for the race. Rest assured, it has a mate on the passenger side of the car as well with just as much racing provenance:

So why were the cars so cheap? Well, here's what the engine bay on the blue car looks like:

After talking around on a few different MR2 forums and the forum, the consensus opinion is that the oil smoke that trailed the car was probably boil-off from the oil filler that was left off. Opinion is that I should refill the oil, clean out around the plugs and put in new plugs, drop in a little bit of Marvel Mystery Oil and let that soak in for a few hours, then rotate the engine by hand a few turns (taking the distributor line off for that), then put in the battery and fire it up. Consensus opinion is that the engine is likely to be okay and that the mechanic was looking for a paycheck or just wanting the former owner to just go away. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they are right. I'm off to buy oil and a battery.

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